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Version 6.9.7

Version 6.9.7

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Version 6.9.7

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There were several features that have been added or updated in version 6.9.7 build 3. released June 2018.

Approval has been enhanced:

1.The Approval Status report lists all the documents that are waiting to be approved.
2.A warning threshold can be set against the time that orders are waiting for approval.
3.A second level of Approval can be used before an order is sent to the PrintStation.
4.You can now make it compulsory that notes are added when an order is approved or rejected.
5.The message Approvers see when reviewing an order can be amended to give specific instructions.


Custom document options have been updated:

1.Custom document options can be renamed in ProductManager.
2.Live orders show the custom document options in the details tab. Notes are now in a separate tab.
3.Reports can be created that include custom document options.
4.Approvers are able to see the custom documentation options on the Details tab when they are reviewing a document for approval.Notes are now in a separate tab.
5.Custom document options are shown in the original job ticket.


Various other enhancements:

1.When you preview a document the number of pages being displayed is shown.
2.The default configuration option Library - Cache document thumbnails has been added for documents stored on a remote drive.
3.Product images are now specific to each portal. They can easily added or removed in ProductManager.
4.You can add a website landing page to the Skyline website.