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Version 6.9.8

Version 6.9.8

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Version 6.9.8

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There were several features that have been added or updated in version 6.9.8. released June 2018.


A lock feature has been added. When an approver selects a job it is locked to that approver so that the order cannot be approved by anyone else. There is an unlock button which can be used to assign the order to another approver. When used the original approver will no longer be able to make changes to the order. This prevents two approvers working on the same order at the same time.

Zip Files

When an order is placed for documents contained within Zip files the user has to input the number of pages before they proceed with placing the order. This means that the pricing feature will now be able to price orders which contain Zip files.

Group Products into Categories

Products can be grouped together in categories. When an order is placed the user can view the available products in each category and select the required product. Products that are organized into categories are easier to use than a long list of all the available products.

Other enhancements include:

If Multiple Documents are ordered at the same time a thumbnail of each document is shown during the ordering process.
New way to Search on Live Orders.
Unused documents can be deleted manually or automatically which will prevent PrintStation taking a long time to update the Orders Grid.
The new configuration Authentication - Login Cookie Expiry (hours) allows administrators to control how long login details are held in cookies.