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Adding Images for Products

Adding Images for Products

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Adding Images for Products

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Product images are portal specific and are stored in the portal GUID in \\wwwroot\images\Products. Any images in GIF, JPEG or PNG format can be uploaded as long as they are not larger than 160 x 160 pixels.

InfoWhen a user places an order and a product image is shown as a stack of books it shows that the product has no image. You need to add the image to the product.

To upload a new image:

1.Open ProductManager.
2.From the Products drop down menu select New Product.
3.Click SelectImage to open the Product Images window.
4.Click Add to open your Windows Explorer. Locate the product image that you want to add to the portal library.
5.Click Open to upload the image. The file size cannot exceed 160 x 160px. If you select a file that is too big a message will show.
6.The image will be added to the available images.