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Managing Products and Categories

Managing Products and Categories

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Managing Products and Categories

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Products can be grouped together in categories. When an order is placed the user can view the available products in each category and select the required product. Products that are organized into categories are easier to use than a long list of all the available products. Products are assigned to one category, they can not appear in more than one category. If a product is not assigned to a category it will be listed on the web page under a tab named 'No category'.

InfoCategories are not available if you are using Global Products.


To view Product Categories:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Products section click Product Categories.
3.A window opens showing the product categories and products available to the portal. If you have just added products to the portal you will see the same window.

To create a new Category:

1.Enter a new category name in the product category field at the bottom of the window.
2.Click ProductCategory-AddButton to add the category.


To amend the category name:

1.Select the category.
2.Amend the category name in the product category field at the bottom of the window.
3.Click CategorySaveButton to save your changes.


To remove a category:

1.Select the category.
2.Click Button-DustbinDelete to remove the category. All products assigned to the deleted category will be listed in the Products not in any category column. The products will need to be assigned to another category.


To assign a product to a category:

1.Select a product category.
2.Select a product that has not been assigned to a category.
3.Click Add-Button. The product will be moved into the selected category.
4.Click Save-Button to save your change.

Info        When you add or remove products from a category always click Save-Button before you select another product category.

You can select the layout of the tab settings. Depending on the number of categories that you have and the size of the names one tab setting may be preferred to another. To amend the tab settings simply select the required layout.

Left Aligned Tabs


Centre Aligned Tabs


Right Aligned Tabs


Justified Tabs