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Live Orders

Live Orders

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Live Orders

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Managers are able to view the Live Orders page where a manager can see a list of all the orders placed. Orders that have been placed but are awaiting approval or a quotation are not shown. If jobs with a certain status e.g. completed have been configured not to show on the PrintStation you can still view the jobs using the Live Orders.

If you think that orders are not being received at the PrintStation, check the Live Orders page to see if orders are being sent. If there is a problem with your PrintStation receiving job orders, the orders will be visible here even if they are not showing in the PrintStation. In the unlikely event that this happens, please contact support


Managers can use the Live Orders page to amend an order if the system has been configured to enable them. Any amendments made will be shown in the PrintStation.

To enable Managers to edit live jobs:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Portals section click Portal Configuration.
3.Find Managers Can Edit Live Job Details in the list.
If the option is set as True Mangers can edit jobs from the Live Orders web page.
Managers are unable to edit jobs if the setting is False.
4.To amend this option click Icon-Pencil.
5.Click Icon-Save to save the setting.

To configure Managers Can Edit Live Job Details for all portals associated with Skyline use the default configuration option. These options are only available when you are logged in with Host privileges. Any changes to the default configuration will affect ALL portals associated with Skyline.go