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Ordering Documents in Zip Files

Ordering Documents in Zip Files

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Ordering Documents in Zip Files

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Large documents can be placed in zip files and ordered using Skyline in the usual way. When you upload a zip file you will need to enter the number of pages in the documents to be able to cost and continue placing the order.

InfoIf you order multiple documents you will not be able to enter the number of pages in the Zip file. This will mean that the cost for printing the contents of the Zip file will not be generated. It is recommended that each Zip file is ordered separately so that the number of pages can be entered.

To order a document in a Zip file:

1.Click the Libraries tab.
2.Click OrderDocumentButton associated with the zip file that you want to order.
3.The Document options page opens.
1.Enter the number of pages in the document contained in the zip files.
2.Click Save.
4.Select from the range of products being offered for your document and click Proceed associated with the required product.
5.The Product Options window opens. Select the options for the product that you have selected and then enter the Quantity of documents required. Click Next to continue placing the order.
6.The Basket window opens. A quotation for the job may be displayed depending on the arrangements that you have with your print provider. Amend the quantity that you require for any of the documents you have ordered. You do not have to enter the same quantity for each one. If prices are displayed click RefreshQuantity to update the price. Click Next to continue placing the order.
7.The Address window opens. The delivery address information is automatically completed if you have entered a delivery address. You can amend the address if you require the documents to be delivered to a different location. Click Next to continue placing the order.
8.The shipping requirements form opens. Enter the delivery instructions and any additional information and click Next to continue placing the order.
9.You may be asked to specify or select an account code. This feature is only available if the accounts features have been selected for your portal. If you do not see the account page proceed directly to the next step.
10.Check your order details. If the details are correct click Confirm Order to complete the order process.
11.Your order confirmation is now shown and an order number provided together with details of the cost if pricing is being used. The Print room will now receive your document and may (dependent on configuration settings) send you an email confirming receipt. If the option Approval has been turned on you will see the message that the document will not be printed until the document is approved.

Skyline can be configured to automatically send an email to the person who placed the order to confirm that their order has been placed.