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User Roles

User Roles

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User Roles

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Each user has defined administrative rights, limitations and capabilities. Skyline has six different portal User Roles and each user can be assigned multiple roles. By default every new user is given the role User. The available roles are Administrator, Editor, Manager, Approver, Staff and User.

There are three main portal roles:

The role gives access to the Admin page within a Skyline portal. An administrator can configure and administer capabilities of individual Skyline portals. They have full control over the current portal and are able to manage users and products, configure the user interface and portal configuration controls using the Admin link on the website.
Administrators are also able to manage shared libraries from their own library page.
Additionally the administrator can download and use both the ProductManager and CostManager.
The role provides access to the Management page within a Skyline portal. The Manager role also enables a user to download and install PrintStation, ProductManager & CostManager. They will then be able to create & edit products using ProductManager and create & edit pricing using CostManager. They are only able to make changes to pricing and products to the current portal. If global products are being used they will not have access to ProductManager or CostManager.
Whenever a Skyline account is created the basic role is automatically assigned to the account. Everyone will have the role and will be able to use the website to submit documents and create & share document libraries. They are also able to download Skyline drivers.


There are four specialised roles which can be assigned to individuals who have special areas of responsibility.

Anyone who is required to log in to a Skyline PrintStation to manage incoming jobs, amend requests, preview documents, keep the customer updated and direct work to output devices requires the role of Staff.
Users who will be approving jobs need to be added to the role Approver. When a user is made an approver, they will not see the Approval tab until they log in again. Once they have logged in again they will be able to view the approval page whether there are any orders to approve or not.
Has access to the Edit function within a Skyline portal. An Editor can change the look and feel of a Skyline portal by changing the wording on a page as well as adding other images. For example the Home page can be changed to share relevant information to all users. They are also able to show an external Web Page on the portal.
The Host role is assigned to a specific user when Skyline is initially installed and has advanced access to functionality over that of an Administrator. A Host has top level control to globally configure and administer all capabilities of all Skyline portals, or for selected Skyline portals from the primary Skyline portal. A user can only be assigned the role of Host by someone logged in with host privileges.