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Assigning User Roles

Assigning User Roles

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Assigning User Roles

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Each user can have roles assigned allowing them to access and manage areas of Skyline.

infoIf users log in using their corporate user name and password (LDAP authentication) they are automatically added the first time that they log in to Skyline. If a user does not appear in the list they need to log in to Skyline using their corporate name and password before they can be assigned to any roles.

To assign roles for a user:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Users section click Roles.
3.A list of all the available roles is shown.
1.Click Manage Users next to the role that the user is to be added into.
4.The user needs to be selected and then added to the user role.
1.If you can not see the user's name in the list, enter part of the name in the Staff field and click Search. All names that contain your entry will be listed.
2.Select the user and then click Add Selected Users to assign the role to the selected user. The user is added to the list of users that have been assigned the selected role.
3.Click Back to return to the list of roles where you can assign more user roles.