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Moving the Skyline Database

Moving the Skyline Database

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Moving the Skyline Database

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The standard Skyline installation program installs the databases on the C drive of the server. This section shows how to move the two databases that Skyline uses to different drives of severs.

Moving the Skyline database to another SQL server can simplify the database backups and improve the performance of Skyline. The Skyline database can be moved to a Microsoft 2008rd, 2012 or 2014 SQL server.

To move the Skyline database from the Skyline server to your own server:

1.Take Skyline offline.
2.Backup the databases - Skyline & Skyline Membership.
3.Restore the database backups on your own SQL server. Skyline does not need it's own SQL Instance.
4.Create a new user for accessing the Skyline & Skyline Membership databases and make this user the owner of the databases.
5.Tell Skyline where the database have been moved to by editing the file web.config in the website root directory. In the section starting with <Connection Strings> replace the setting for data source, initial catalogue, username and password for the Skyline and SkylineMembership databases.