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Creating Log in Options

Creating Log in Options

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Creating Log in Options

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By default Skyline is set up for Database authentication where user names and passwords are stored in the database called SkylineMembership. There are several ways that users can be added to the database.

Users can add themselves to this database if the option Register as New User is enabled on the log in page. If required the registration process can be configured so that user's need to be approved after registration to activate their account.
User accounts can be created by a Skyline administrator.
Users log in to Skyline with their existing corporate user name and password.

When users log in you can control the options that are available to them. These include:

1.By default an email address has to be entered when a new user self registers or an administrator creates a new user. If you do not want to force the entry of an email address the option can be changed. See the section called email address required for more details.
2.When a user logs in you can choose whether they can select the option that their log in details are remembered the next time that they log in. If the users have dedicated PC's you may wish their log in details to be remembered automatically. The remember me next time option can be configured to be automatically selected, though the user can deselect the option when they log in. If you do not want to give the user the ability to select the option you can hide the remember me option.
3.By default users will be able to see the forgotten password link when they attempt to log in. If you do not want your users to be able to retrieve a forgotten password via the log in page, you can remove the link.