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Adding Products to a Portal

Adding Products to a Portal

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Adding Products to a Portal

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When a new product has been created the product has to be added to a Skyline portal before it will be available for the user to order.

If products have not been added to the portal you will see an error message when you try place an order. If this happens please contact your administrator.

To add a product to a Skyline portal:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Products section click Select Products.
3.A window opens showing all the products that are available to your portal users.
1.Select the new product from the Available Products list.
2.Click Add Selected Product to Portal.
3.The new product will be added to the portal. Use the Icon-ProductMoveUPor Icon-ProductMoveDownoptions to arrange the products in an order that you want presented to the end user.
4.Click ProductCategoriesButton to assign products to categories.