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Configuring Account & Pricing Options

Configuring Account & Pricing Options

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Configuring Account & Pricing Options

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The Skyline Account Code and Pricing feature can be managed to change the behaviour of a Skyline portal.

You can select your pricing requirements for orders placed.

Pricing can be done automatically when a user places an order. When an order is placed the value of the order is shown in their shopping basket. You need to use CostManager to set the pricing.
Prices can be recorded for reporting purposes even when prices are not shown to users. If you want to hide the pricing from the user you need to remove the price column from the shopping basket page.
You can also select a payment method of either PayPal or Account.


Once you have enabled the account code feature you can configure the account information required to suit your accounting requirements including:

Making an account code mandatory.
Providing a list of internal account codes.
Linking Skyline to an existing account code database.
Validate a manually entered account number.