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Viewing Orders Placed

Viewing Orders Placed

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Viewing Orders Placed

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You are able to see a list of all the orders that you have made and their current status in the Orders web page. The Status of the order is automatically updated. The price shown does not include any additional costs that apply to an order e.g. delivery costs.

infoNote: When an order is deleted in PrintStation it is also removed from the users Orders tab.
Example of the Orders web page.

Example of the Orders web page.

When viewing you orders you can:

1.View 10, 20 or 50 orders per page. By default 20 orders are shown per page.
2.If you click the field heading 'Document', 'Order Number' or 'Order Date' you can sort into either ascending or descending order.
3.You can delete any order if there is a clip0180 by the order. You will asked to confirm that you want to delete the order.
4.Click clip0085by the side of the document name to see the specific order details. A new window opens detailing the products selected and the delivery address. There is an option to print the job ticket if a hard copy is required.
5.The width of the columns can be amended to suit the text that they are showing.
6.You can accept a quotation by clicking clip0181. For more information please refer to Requesting a Quotation.
7.If you use Approval there is an additional column showing if your order is awaiting approval of has been approved or declined. The example below shows the Approval column.