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Using an External Database

Using an External Database

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Using an External Database

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Linking to an external accounts list is a quick way of adding pre-existing account codes to Skyline. The file formats that are supported are:

Microsoft Excel files saved as an XLS file.
CSV files.
Microsoft Database files (MDB).
SQL files.
infoNote: Microsoft Excel files saved as an XLSX files are not currently supported.


The files must be stored on the server that Skyline is installed on. If you are using a hosted refer to the section on updating external accounts.

To create a link to external account code database:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Orders section click External Accounts.
3.Click the link New External Accounts Connection.
4.Enter a connection name and string.
1.In the field Connection Name enter a descriptive name for the accounts list. In the example the connection is called Eprint Accounts.
2.In the field Connection String specify the database type, location and log in credentials. In the example the account codes are in an Excel workbook called Account Codes. (If you are unsure of the correct connection string to use the website is helpful).
info Notes:
If you were connecting to an CSV file the connection string would be similar to the one shown below:
Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\Skyline\Customers\;Extended Properties="text;HDR=No;FMT=Delimited";
If there are no field headings in your file amend the section HDR=Yes to HDR=No, as shown in the example below.
Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\Skyline\External Accounts\Account Codes.xls;Extended Properties="Excel 8.0;HDR=No;IMEX=1";
5.The Select statement is used when users are shown a list of account codes. It needs to show the name of the worksheet in the workbook that contains the account details as well as specific fields, if applicable. See the section Example Queries for working examples of the syntax that can be used. Click Test settings to test the statement.
6.The Account Code Validation Query is used when users are have to enter the account code into a single field. The Select Statement & Account Code Validation Query can be the same. If this is the case you can copy the select statement into the account code validation query area and click Test Settings.
7.An example of a completed connection is shown below. Click Submit to save the connection.
8.You are returned to the External Accounts web page. The connection details that you have entered are shown.
9.Click Back to return to the Admin page. The account codes need to be made available to the Skyline website.
10.In the Orders section select Portal External Accounts.
11.Select the external account database that you want to use and click Save. In the example below the new connection that has just been added has been selected.
12.The connection needs to be tested. Make sure that you have enabled the account codes feature then place a test order.