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Uploaded Document Types

Uploaded Document Types

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Uploaded Document Types

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You can manage what document types users are able to upload for automatic conversion to PDF. Uploaded customer documents are automatically converted to high quality print ready PDFs on the Skyline server. In order for this to happen a copy of the customer application must be installed and configured on the Skyline server.

If no document types have been specified for a specific portal, the default configuration is used. If any document types are added for a specific portal, only the portal specific list will be used. You must therefore ensure that you enter all the required file extensions. If this is not done you might find that document types that you used to be able to upload are no longer supported on the portal. For example, you might add the file type XLS to the uploaded document type list for your specific portal but not specify all the other file formats. However, if the file type is not added users are unable to upload documents. When they try to upload the documents other than Excel spreadsheets they see a message similar to the one shown below. If this happens you need to add the missing file formats that can be converted to PDF.

infoNote: Skyline needs to extract the first page of a PDF to create the first thumbnail. You will be unable to upload a PDF if the security set on the PDF does not allow page extraction. Any documents that need a password to be entered before they can be opened can not be uploaded.


To add a document type for PDF conversion:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Configuration section click Uploaded Document Types.
3.A list of existing document types for the portal that you are connected to is shown.
1.Enter the name of the document type to be added.
2.Enter the file extension of the document type. For example, for a Word document you would enter Doc.
3.Click Add. The document type is added to the list of supported file formats that can be converted to PDF format.
infoNote: If you need to delete a document type, click the Icon-Bin associated with the document type that you want to remove.