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Skyline Update Utility

Skyline Update Utility

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Skyline Update Utility

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When the purge utility is run the version of your Skyline database is checked. If the current version of the database is not being run you will see the message "The database needs to be upgraded before running the Skyline Purge utility. Please run the Skyline Update utility first". You need to update the Skyline database using the Skyline Update utility which can be downloaded from our website.

To update the Skyline database:

1.Open Explorer and locate the file SkylineUpdate.exe.
2.At the command prompt type C:\Skyline\SkylineUpdate Skyline Fred 789


is the folder location of the SkylineUpdate.exe file


the name of the exe file.


the name of the SQL Instance


the SQL username. Read, write and change access level required.


the SQL password.

4.When updated you will see a message "Skyline database has been updated to version xxx". You are now ready to run the purge utility again.



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