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Reprinting Completed Orders

Reprinting Completed Orders

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Reprinting Completed Orders

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If an order has been completed you can reprint all of the order or a specific part of the order.

If completed orders are not displayed within PrintStation you can find them using the feature Live Orders which is available on the website. Find the required order and change the status to Order Placed. The order can then be reprinted from within PrintStation.

InfoIf the Order has already been printed any changes to the status will not let you record how the job was printed. If you need the job to be re-printed and the details included in the report you need to use a printer within the Skyline system or have a new order raised.

To reprint a completed order from PrintStation:

1.Locate the order with the status Completed.
2.Change the status of the order to Order Placed.
3.Reprint the order. As the order has already been printed you will be asked "Do you want to record how this job was printed so that it is included in the reports?"