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Re-Licensing Skyline

Re-Licensing Skyline

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Re-Licensing Skyline

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The Skyline license is tied to 3 values that identify the server it is installed on:

Machine name
Windows installation date
Mac address

If any of these change then Skyline will need to be re-licensed.

To re-license Skyline:

1.Make a copy of your Skyline license number by copying and pasting into Notepad. The serial number can be found on the License Settings page. A single click on the license number will select the whole license.
2.Send the license number to ePrint so that it can be updated with the new details.
3.When you receive the updated license paste the skyline.lic file onto your Skyline server in C:\ProgramData\ePrint Direct Ltd\Skyline\Website .
4.Open the License Settings page. At the bottom of the page click Button-ResetSkylineWebsite. The website will be updated and when completed you will be left viewing the home page. View the license settings page to view the new license details at the top of the license page.