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Amending the Status Name

Amending the Status Name

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Amending the Status Name

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When an job order is placed on PrintStation the order is listed in the Orders Web Page where the status of the order is shown. As the order is processed the order status can be automatically updated. PrintStation can be configured to automatically generate an email message when a job status is changed. You can also configure the wording shown for the status displayed in the Orders web page.

InfoMake sure that you re-start PrintStation if it is already running after any changes made to the Statuses. Some changes will not be shown in PrintStation until the program is re-started.

To view the current system statuses of orders:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Orders section click Order Statuses.
3.The current system statuses that have been selected are shown.
4.The status shown under the heading Name is used as the PrintStation Status name and the Job Ticket Status name. The status shown under the heading End User Display is the status shown on the Orders Web page in the Skyline Website.
5.Click Icon-Pencil by the type to amend a status name.