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Enabling WPM Education

Enabling WPM Education

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Enabling WPM Education

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When orders are placed using Skyline and you are using CostManager to calculate prices, you are able to select the payment provider WPM Education. Please refer to the section Using WPM Education to Pay for an Order for further details.

WPM Education is a licensed feature of Skyline.



To configure the payment provider WPM Education:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Orders section click Accounts and Pricing.
3.The Accounts and Pricing page opens. Select the pricing option CostManager.
4.Select the Payment Provider WPM Education.
5.Enter the configuration details supplied by WPM Education.
6.You can amend the Delivery Costs and Priority Costs labels to match the terminology used on your delivery form. The amended labels will appear on the confirmation page. The field will only show if options is completed in the delivery form.
7.Click SaveButtonNoImage. You are returned to the Admin page.