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Creating Delivery Forms

Creating Delivery Forms

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Creating Delivery Forms

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Skyline is delivered with a default delivery shipping form which can be amended to fit your requirements. You can only have one delivery shipping form associated with a portal. However, if you have several portals, you can design a specific delivery shipping form to be associated with each portal.

infoIf a delivery form has not been associated with the portal an error message will show when you try to place an order.

To create a new delivery shipping form:

1.Select Delivery > New Delivery Form from the menu bar.
2.Enter a name for the new delivery form and brief description.
3.Click the Options tab. Drag and drop the required fields into the blank panel. Some of the delivery form options will give the user a drop down list of choices for them to select from, as shown in the example. Select the options that you want to include in the form field & click Save.
4.When you have added all your required delivery option fields you can use the following buttons to make any fields compulsory or make other amendments.
If there is no choice that the end user has to make, the option can be made invisible. To make an option invisible click NewProduct-Visible. The option is shown greyed out.
If you want to make completion of the field compulsory click IconCompulsory. The field name colour changes to red indicating that the field must be completed.
Use NewProduct-Edit  to edit the option. For example, you might want to add another delivery priority to the option.
Use NewProduct-Delete to delete the option.
Use NewProduct-UpDown  to amend the order that the options will appear in the delivery shipping form.
5.Click Save to save your new address form