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Deleting a Delivery Address

Deleting a Delivery Address

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Deleting a Delivery Address

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There may be occasions when an existing delivery shipping form is no longer required. It is good housekeeping to remove forms that are no longer in use. As only one delivery shipping form can be associated with a portal, a form can not be deleted if it is in use. If you try to delete a form that is assigned to a portal you receive an warning message, as shown below.


To remove a delivery shipping form:

1.Log in to Skyline with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Order section click Select Delivery Form.
3.Make sure that the delivery shipping form that you want to delete is not associated with the portal.
4.Open ProductManager.
5.Select Delivery > Manage Delivery Forms from the menu bar when you are running ProductManager.
6.The Open Delivery Form window opens. Select the address form to be deleted and click Delete.
7.The selected delivery form will be removed. Click Cancel to close the Open Delivery Form window.