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Creating Shared Libraries

Creating Shared Libraries

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Creating Shared Libraries

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Users can create shared document libraries in order to be able to share their documents with other specified users. Once documents have been uploaded into their personal library users can move the documents into the required shared library. This setting affects all users of the specific Skyline portal.

To allow users to create shared libraries:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Portals section click Portal Configuration.
3.Find Library - Allow Custom Libraries in the list.
Users can have the choice to move documents to their personal library or a shared library by setting the option to True.
If the option is set as False users will only be able to use their personal library.
4.To amend this option click Icon-Pencil.
5.Click Icon-Save to save the setting.

To configure Library - Allow Custom Libraries for all portals associated with Skyline use the default configuration option. These options are only available when you are logged in with Host privileges. Any changes to the default configuration will affect ALL portals associated with Skyline.