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Running a Manual Backup

Running a Manual Backup

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Running a Manual Backup

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On occasions a customer may be asked for a copy of the Skyline databases to investigate a problem. This backup procedure will create backup files that can be emailed to the support team for further investigation. To backup the SQL database you will need to have installed the free Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.

By default, the Skyline SQL server is installed on the same PC as the website, but the SQL server may have been moved to another PC after the installation. To find out where the current SQL server is located, you will need to log in to the PC where the website is installed and open a file called web.config in the root of the website. This is in C:\Skyline\wwwroot by default, but may have been moved. If the database has been moved the backup procedure needs to be carried out on the PC where the database is located.

infoNote:  It is strongly recommended that Skyline databases is backed up on a regular basis.

To run a manual backup:

1.Take the website off line.
2.On the PC where the database is located, start the SQL Server Management Studio.
1.The server name should be set to the name and instance of the SQL Server used by Skyline
2.Make sure that the authentication is set to Windows Authentication.
This documentation only refers to a SQL Server that allows you to authenticate with Windows Authentication. If this is not possible, then you will need to seek assistance from a local Database Administrator.
3.Click Connect.
3.Expand the Databases node to see the Skyline database.
1.Right click the Skyline database and select Tasks > Backup.
4.The Back Up Database - Skyline window opens. Any existing backup locations and names need to be removed.
1.Select the backup location to be removed.
2.Click Remove.
3.You need to add a location for your new backup when the backup location is blank. Click Add.
5.The Select Backup Destination window opens.
1.Click Browse to select the location of the backup files.
6.The Locate Database Files window opens.
1.Select a backup location. In the example the location selected is the Temp directory.
2.Enter the backup file name Skyline.bak to identify the name of the database being backed up. Make sure that you type the file extension .bak.
3.Click OK to continue.
7.You return to the Select Backup Destination window.
1.The backup name and location that you have just entered are showing.
2.Click OK.
8.The Back Up Database - Skyline window opens.
1.Select Options.
2.In the Overwrite media section select Overwrite all existing backup sets.
3.Click OK to start the backup.
9.When you receive a message The backup of database 'Skyline' completed successfully. Click OK to continue.
10.Repeat the backup process for the SkylineConverter and SkylineMembership databases. Once all the Skyline databases have been backed up, you should have 3 files in the backup location.