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A4 Comb Bound Example

A4 Comb Bound Example

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A4 Comb Bound Example

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In the example the user has the option of the front and back pages of the document to be produced on a different media. The cover pages can also be laminated if required.

Points to remember:

The Body document part should always contain the document options Media, Printed Sides, Printer Type and Production. The wording can be changed for the end user e.g media shown as Paper.
The option Media should always be at the top of the list.
The option Production is usually hidden as the user is not required to select the type of printer to be used.


If you are using CostManager with the costs entered as shown below, the cost for a 40 page comb bound document printed double sided with a laminated printed single sided front cover & a unprinted back cover would be 4.92 per copy.


Front cover cost is 0.55
A4 white card 160gsm, colour printed single sided & laminated

Media cost is 1 x 0.10
Printing cost is 1 x 0.20
Laminating cost is 1 x 0.25

Body cost is 2.17
A4 white 80gsm paper, mono printed double sided.

Media cost is 39 divided by 2 as being printed double sided = 19.5 therefore 20 x 0.05 = 1.00
Printing cost is 39 x 0:03 = 1.17

Back cover cost is 0.5
A4 green card 160gsm, not printed and not laminated

Media cost is 1 x 0.5


Binding cost per document is 1.70