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Document Options Tab

Document Options Tab

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Document Options Tab

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Document Options displays options relating to the actual documents to be created such as printed sides, number of images per side, binding etc. Extra options can be added if required. Any custom document options can not be priced using CostManager. These options are generally used to give customers a choice e.g a colour of ring binder.

The Production box contains values for different types of printers. These are used to provide different media pricing when adding prices to products when printed from different machines.


To add new document options:

1.Click Icon-Pencil above the document option you want to add a new option to.
2.A window opens where the details of the option are entered.
1.Enter a name for the document option.
2.Select a value from the drop down list. The value can only be used once.
Note: Apart from the standard values listed there are twenty custom values available within the Binding document option.
3.Click Add. The selected value is added into your options.
3.When all the options have been added, click Close to return to the Document Options tab.