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Amending Skyline Website Permissions

Amending Skyline Website Permissions

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Amending Skyline Website Permissions

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During the installation of Skyline, the user "Everyone" is given full access to the installation directory C:\Skyline. This does not mean that "Anyone" can access this directory. The Windows user "Everyone" is a user group that includes the users ASP.NET and the IIS anonymous user account. If required you can remove the user group "Everyone" and replace it with the users ASP.NET and Internet Guest Account.

The actual name of the IIS anonymous user account contains the machine name e.g. IUSR_PCNAME. The Skyline installation program needs to set the permissions of C:\Skyline to allow the user accounts ASP.NET and IUSR_PCNAME full access, but since we can't know in advance the actual name of the IIS anonymous user account, it has to use the user group "Everyone".

You can also check out the Microsoft article "Everyone group does not include anonymous security identifier" at

The following security accounts need full access to the Skyline directory, sub directories and files:

Internet Guest Account.

To change the permissions:

1.Log into the Primary Skyline Portal as Host and go to Admin. The configuration page will show a warning message indicating that the permissions need to be set on the Skyline directory.
2.Open the Windows Explorer and navigate to the C:\Skyline directory.
3.Right-click the Skyline folder and select Properties.
4.On the Security tab, click Add.
5.Click the Locations button. If a log in window pops up, click Cancel.
6.Select your computer name and click OK.
7.Once the location is set to your computer name, click the Advanced button.
8.Click Find Now, select the ASPNET user and click OK.
9.The ASPNET user should be selected. Click OK.
10.Select the ASP.NET user, check the "Full Control" check box. Click the Apply button.
11.Select the Users account and check the "Full Control" check box. Click OK.
The warning message will have disappeared from the Admin page.