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Virtual Server - VMware

Virtual Server - VMware

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Virtual Server - VMware

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Skyline can be installed on a VMware virtual server but some parameters of the server should not change as this will affect the hardware profile used by the activation software. If the following hardware settings change, skyline will need to be re-activated.

MAC Address
The MAC Address is a globally unique value that is guaranteed to be unique for every machine. While the MAC Address is certain to be unique it is also easy for users to move network cards between two different machines and is not the only component relied on for machine comparisons. Skyline will detect if the user attempts to modify the MAC address of their network card. Attempts to validate a modified MAC address will always result in a mismatch.

Many activation systems claim that you can use the serial number of the CPU to uniquely identify a system. This is incorrect as the Pentium III was the only card to support a unique serial number and came disabled by default in later runs. Skyline instead will track the actual CPU model, speed and features. With so many different models available this is an effective distinguishing feature when comparing machines.

System Drive
Skyline will attempt to obtain the physical serial number of the hard drive that the operating system is installed on during activation. Using the physical serial number is extremely effective in distinguishing machines. When the physical serial number cannot be obtained either because the drivers do not support it or the hard drive configuration does not present a unique number (such as a RAID array) Skyline will use the model of the hard drive, volume label and disk size to create a pseudo number.

Machine Name
If the machine name is changed for any reason, then Skyline will need to be re-licensed.

Windows version & installation date
These are checked to identify the machine but are very unlikely to change.


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