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Version Not Compatible

Version Not Compatible

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Version Not Compatible

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If you try to log in into ProductManager and see the message "The ProductManager version is not compatible with the selected portal" it means that a new version of ProductManager needs to be downloaded.


Make sure that if there are any previous versions of ProductManager installed that they are removed. Use the Add/Remove Programs facility in Control Panel to remove any existing version. Then download and install the current version.

To Update ProductManager:

1.Log in with Management Permissions and go to Downloads.
2.Click ProductManager.
3.When you see the Opening ProductManager window, click Save File. The ProductManager installation file is saved to your computer.
4.The Downloads window opens. Double click the ProductManager downloaded file to start the installation.
5.The ProductManager Installation wizard opens. Click Next to continue.
6.At the License Agreement window click I accept the license agreement. Click Next to continue.
7.At the User Information window enter your details. Click Next to continue.
8.At the Destination Folder window it is recommended that you accept the default folder location. Click Next to continue.
9.The ProductManager can now be installed. Click Next to begin the installation.
10.It should only take a few minutes to install ProductManager. When the installation is complete click Finish.

When you have completed the installation ProductManager will be installed.

To open ProductManager for the first time:

1.Click Icon-ProductManagerStart
2.The first time that ProductManager is started after the installation it will take a few seconds for the program to be configured. A window will open similar to the one shown below.
3.The Setup window opens.
1.Enter your portal name.
2.(Optional) Select Use Proxy Server.
3.(Optional) Enter your Proxy address and Proxy port number.
4.(Optional) Enter your username and password.
5.Click Connect. You will receive confirmation that the portal connection was successful.
6.Click OK.
4.When the configuration is complete a log in window will open.
1.Use the same log in that you use to access the Skyline Portal.
2.Click Log in to start ProductManager.