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Using HTTPS Websites

Using HTTPS Websites

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Using HTTPS Websites

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A Skyline portal can be set up to use HTTPS. As all Skyline portals use the same IIS website, the procedure for installing an SSL Certificate is probably different to the conventional method.

IIS should not be configured to redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS. This is done automatically by the Skyline portal when it is configured to use an SSL Certificate.
You can not use a self signed SSL certificate as it is signed by the same entity whose identity it certifies.

To configure Skyline to use HTTPS:

1.Buy and install a HTTPS Certificate for the website URL that Skyline is being run on.
If Skyline is installed on your own server, you will need to buy & install on the Skyline server an SSL Certificate for the URL that your portal is running on.
If you are using a hosted portal please contact ePrint. You will need to pay an additional monthly premium for an HTTPS portal on a hosted setup.
2.Log in to Skyline with a username that has Host Admin privileges and go to Admin.
3.In the Portals section click Portals.
4.When you use HTTPS only 1 portal URL can be associated with each portal.
1.Click the link Portal URLs associated with the portal that you want to apply HTTPS to.
5.A list of all the URLs associated with the portal are listed.
1.Add the skyline website URL that has the certificate.
2.Remove any other website URLs listed using the red cross.
3.Click Back when finished.
6.Click the pencil associated with the portal to edit the details.
1.Select the option HTTPS.
2.Click Save-Green to save the change.
7.Restart the website by entering the command IISRESET at the command prompt on the Skyline server.
8.Re-install PrintStation.
When you have re-installed PrintStation the program will automatically start. As it is the first time that it has started since the installation you are taken through a series of steps to configure the software. When you reach the step requesting the portal connection details make sure that the option to use HTTPS is selected.
1.Enter the HTTP address for Skyline.
2.Select the option Use HTTPS.
3.Click Connect to test that the portal details are correct. If the portal details have been verified the Next button becomes available.

HTTPS should now be completed.