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Testing the Neevia Document Converter

Testing the Neevia Document Converter

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Testing the Neevia Document Converter

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Once you have completed the configuration of the Neevia PDF converter it needs to be tested.

infoNote: Make sure that you have a file available for each of the Microsoft file types that are used e.g. Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Publisher (if used).

To test the Neevia Converter:

1.Open Windows Services by Start > Administrative Tools > Services.
2.Stop the service named DCStart.
1.Select the service DCStart.
2.Click Stop the service.
3.Open the Neevia Document Converter.
1.Start > All Programs > Neevia Document Converter > Neevia Document Converter Pro.
Click the shortcut PDFShortcutDocument Converter Pro that is on your desktop. If nothing happens make sure that the program is not already open.
4.Drag and drop a file to be tested into the converter. Check that there are no error messages and that a PDF is created in the same place as the original document. The image below shows an example of a PowerPoint file (Brief introduction.ppt) that has been converted successfully.
5.Check that each file type can be converted. If any fail check the DCOM Config permissions for the file type.