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Skyline PrintStation

Skyline PrintStation

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Skyline PrintStation

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PrintStation is a Windows PC application that is normally installed in the print room where the print production occurs. The print room operator uses it to manage incoming jobs, amend requests, preview documents, keep the customer updated and direct work to output devices. Shown below is the layout of Skyline PrintStation.

More than one PrintStation can be licensed and these may be located in a single print room or anywhere in the world. This allows multiple print rooms to share work or direct jobs to particular locations.

PrintStation accesses the Skyline SQL database for job ticket information and the associated PDF downloaded prior to production. All information remains on the central database and can be accessed by any authorized PrintStation for further production.


Details on the hardware & software requirements for PrintStation can be found in the Installation section as well as details on the installation process.
Details on associating a PrintStation with a portal and Transferring a PrintStation License can be found in the Administration section.
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