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Restrict Access to Skyline

Restrict Access to Skyline

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Restrict Access to Skyline

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You can restrict access so that only a specific group of uses can access Skyline. To do this you need to change the OU (Organizational unit) to a recognised name. Only accounts in that unit will have access.

If you want to restrict access to Skyline to a group of users, the LDAP connection string can be refined.

To add an OU name:

1.Log in to the Skyline sever as a local administrator. Locate the web.config file and make a copy before you make any changes.
The web.config file is found in the root directory of Skyline (C:\Skyline\wwwroot) by default.
2.Locate the LDAP connection string You need to add the OU to the connection string. In the example below the LDAP group Staff has been added. Only users belonging to that group will be able to log in to the LDAP portal on Skyline.
<add name="ADServiceWindows" connectionString="LDAP://your.domainname/OU=staff,DC=your,DC=domainname" />