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The Orders Pane

The Orders Pane

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The Orders Pane

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Job orders are listed in status groups with a summary of key information. The information listed will depend on the fields that have been selected to be displayed in the Orders pane. You may re-arrange this information to suit your needs by selecting a field header and dragging it to the preferred position. You can also order the information by clicking on a field header to sort the data into either ascending or descending order. From this window you can process the orders received. When you select a job order the toolbar buttons applicable will become active.


The icons provide a visual details about the order.


Icon-DownloadPDF        Document not downloaded                        Icon-PDF        PDF downloaded

Icon-Zip        Zipped Document                                Icon-Paper        Paper Original Document

Document-AllColour        Document to be printed in colour                        Document-AllMono        Document to be printed in monotone

Document-Mixed        Document covers different colour to the body


Colours indicate the status of the order

Icon-Yellow        Awaiting Download                Icon-PaleBlue        In Production

Icon-Blank        Downloaded                        Icon-Blue        Printed

Icon-Red        Query Outstanding                Icon-Green        Complete        

clip0182        Waiting for Quote                clip0183        Quote Sent