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Selecting the Jobs to Display

Selecting the Jobs to Display

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Selecting the Jobs to Display

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infoIn PrintStation version 6.8 and above the Job Settings are not supported.

This feature allows you to view and update the status of hidden print jobs. Hidden jobs are jobs that are not currently available to the PrintStation application.

To amend order options:

1.From the Setup drop down menu select Options.
2.You can amend the jobs that are shown.
1.Click the Job Settings tab.
2.Select the jobs to be shown on the current PrintStation.
You may have several PrintStations that jobs can be assigned to. You can choose whether to view all the jobs at all the PrintStations or only the jobs that have been assigned to the current PrintStation.
3.If you want to show all the PrintStations that are connected to your portal select the option Show all the connected PrintStations. See the section Associating PrintStations to Portals from more information.
4.If you want all jobs that are downloaded to your PrintStation to be locked, select the option Lock downloaded jobs to this PrintStation. By default this option is not selected.
5.Click Save to save your selection. The Order options window closes.