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Media Tab

Media Tab

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Media Tab

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Media allows you to create and maintain the paper stocks available to your customers. These are used to create the products available to your customers. Selecting a media type will highlight it's properties. In the example, the properties for the media type Legal White 80gsm are shown.

The paper stocks need to be added in the print room options as a Media Type before products can be created.


To add a new media type:

1.Enter a name for the media in the description box.
2.Select the properties of the new media. The minimum requirements are:  Type, Size, Colour and Weight.
3.Click Add to save the new media type.


To add a new media type based on an existing media type:

1.Select the existing media type that you want to base your new media on.
2.Enter a new name for the media by changing the name in the description box.
3.Change one or more of the selected properties.
4.Click Add to save the new media type.

Further media options are available (e.g. Holes, Grading and Front and Back Coating) to enable you to create many types of stock for your products.

To add a new media options:

1.Click Icon-Pencil above the option block you want to use.
2.The selected option widow opens. Enter the details of the new media option.
Enter a name for the media option.
Select a value from the drop down list.
Click Add. The selected value is added into your options.
3.When all the required options have been added, click Close to return to the Media tab.