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Network Path Not Found

Network Path Not Found

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Network Path Not Found

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When you are using Skyline you get a Server Error in '/' Application message stating:

"The network path was not found".


The path to the document storage for the Skyline server is missing or incorrect. If the problem is with the path to the document storage, you will also see an error at the top of the Admin page.

To update the document storage settings:

1.Log in to Skyline with an account that has Host Admin privileges.
2.On the Admin page, click Default Configuration.
3.Check the settings for the following:
Document Directory.
Document Error Folder.
Driver Directory.
Upload - Directory.
4.On the Admin page, the settings for each portal can be overridden from the default ones by the values in the section Portal Configuration. On the Admin page, click Portal Configuration.
5.Select each portal in turn from the Portal Selector drop down and check the values for the same settings:
Document Directory
Document Error Folder
Driver Directory
Upload - Directory