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Licensing Skyline

Licensing Skyline

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Licensing Skyline

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When the program has been installed the software need to be licensed. The Skyline license is tied to 3 values that identify the server it is installed on:

Machine Name
Mac Address
Windows Installation Date

If any of these change then the Skyline license will no longer be valid. In a VMware installation, the CPU ID can change if it is not locked to the virtual machine. Check with your support staff that the values Skyline uses are locked so that licensing problems do not happen.

To license the software:

1.A new directory called Documents needs to be created in your Skyline folder (C:\Skyline\Documents)
2.Create 4 sub-directories in the Documents directory called:
Documents                Errors                UploadedDriverFiles                Uploads
3.Start the Skyline website by opening your internet explorer and typing in LocalHost as the address.
4.Log in as a Host administrator with the following username and password.
Username:   skylinehost
Password:    SkylineH0$t    (The password is case sensitive: Skyline H zero dollar t)
The first time that the website is started the start up procedure may take a minute to start as it is creating the web pages in memory.
5.There will be a banner message stating that 'Skyline is not licensed'
6.Scroll down the screen and enter your license number and click Validate.
7.There will be a banner message stating that 'Skyline is not yet activated'.
8.Scroll down the screen until you can see the license text.
9.Make a copy of your Skyline license number by copying and pasting into Notepad.  A single click on the license number will select the whole license. Save the file with the name LicenseRequest.txt.
10.Send the license number to ePrint so that it can be updated with the new details.
11.When you receive the updated license paste the skyline.lic file onto your Skyline server in C:\ProgramData\ePrint Direct Ltd\Skyline\Website .
12.Open the License Settings page. At the bottom of the page click Button-ResetSkylineWebsite. The website will be updated and when completed you will be left viewing the home page.
13.Click Admin.
14.In the Configuration section click LicenseSettingsYour license details are displayed.