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Installing Skyline PDF Converter

Installing Skyline PDF Converter

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Installing Skyline PDF Converter

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To install Skyline PDF Converter:

1.Browse to and download the file 5-Skyline PDF Converter Copy the file to the server where you want to install Skyline and unzip the file.
2.Double click the application Skyline PDF Converter 6.9.5.exe.
3.The PDF installation starts. The Welcome Setup window opens.
1.Click Next to continue.
4.The License Agreement window opens.
1.Select the option I accept the terms in the License Agreement.
2.Click Next to continue.
5.The Installation Prerequisites window opens.
1.Click Next to continue.
6.The Ready to Install the Application window opens.
1.Click Next to start the installation. The program is installed which may take several minutes.
7.When the Skyline program has been installed the Completing the Skyline Setup Wizard window opens.
1.Click Finish to complete this part of the installation.
8.The PDF Converter Setup window opens.
9.Details of the SkylineConverter database location need to be entered. The defaults used are:
SQL Instance        .\Skyline
Username        SA
Password                SkylineH0$t


1.Click Connect when the details have been entered.
10.The Create Skyline Converter Database window opens. Click Create.
11.You will get a message SkylineConverter database created OK. Click OK.
12.The SkylineConverter Database will still be showing as NotConnected. Click Connect again and the database will be updated. Check that the six tables, as shown below, have been updated.
13.Click OK - you are now connected.
14.Add the server to the list of PDF Converters.
15.The Website details need to be added. The location of the folders shown below are the default location. You can check the location of your own folder by opening the skyline website with Administrator rights and go to Admin. In the portals section open the default Configuration. The folder locations are can be found in the configuration list.
16.Click Add when you have entered all the details. The Website name will be listed as a Skyline Website.
17.The PDF Converter need to be brought Online. Select Online and the click Update.
18.The Skyline Website need to be brought Online. Select Online and the click Update.
19.Minimise the Skyline PDF Converter Setup window, do not close. Continue by installing the PDF Scheduler.