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Customised Job Tickets

Customised Job Tickets

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Customised Job Tickets

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A Job Ticket and Delivery Note are supplied by default. You can request changes to the layout and content so that the job tickets provide the appropriate information for your business. The fields containing information will depend on the way Skyline is operating. For example, account code details will never contain information if you use a payment provider as account codes are not supported with payment providers.

Listed below are all the available fields that can be included in a customised ticket.

Order number, Document Name, Thumbnail image, Current Status
All fields that are in the Overview pane.
All the fields in the Details tab except for the Imposition field. The 6 custom fields will only show if you use custom product options.
All the fields in the Delivery tab.
Some details contained in the Printing section in the History tab. If the document has been printed more than once then only the top row details are used in the ticket. The field Printer Used is not currently available for tickets.
The Approval date and Approver's name can be included in the customised job tickets if required.


If you have been sent a customised job ticket or other report you need to copy the TRDX file to the Reports folder so that it will be available from your PrintStation.

To install a customised report:

1.Copy the TRDX file into C:\Skyline\PrintStation\Reports.
2.Open PrintStation and make sure that the new report is available.