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Windows 2008 - IIS Installation

Windows 2008 - IIS Installation

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Windows 2008 - IIS Installation

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Internet Information Service (IIS) is not installed by default when Windows is loaded. You will need to install it if it has not already been installed.

To check to see if IIS is installed:

1.Open Server Manager by clicking Icon-ServerManager. The Server Manager window opens.
2.Highlight Roles and check to see if IIS is shown in the Roles Summary area.


To install IIS:

1.Open Server Manager.
2.View the Role Summary in the Server Manager window.
1.Select Roles.
2.Click Add Roles.
3.The Add Roles Wizard starts and the Before you Begin window opens.
1.Click Next to continue.
4.The Select Server Roles window opens.
1.Select Web Server (IIS).
2.Click Next to continue.
5.The Web Server (IIS) window opens. Information about the product is shown.
1.Click Next to continue.
6.The Select Role Services window opens. All the available Role Services are listed with the default settings selected.
1.Select the option ASP.NET.
7.The Add Roles Wizard window opens.
1.Click Add Required Role Services to continue.
8.The Select Role Services window is displayed again. The list of selected services has been updated to include all the role services required for the installation of ASP.NET. Shown below is the status of all the roles.
1.Click Next to continue.
9.The Confirm Installation Selections window opens. Details of the selected installations are detailed.
1.Click Install to begin the installation. The Installation Progress window opens and will remain open during the installation.
10.When the installation process has been completed all the roles and services that were installed are listed in the Installation Results window.
1.Click Close to complete the installation process.
11.You return to the Service Manager window. If you view the details of the Roles that are available, you will find that Web Server (IIS) is now listed.