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Hiding the Libraries Web Page

Hiding the Libraries Web Page

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Hiding the Libraries Web Page

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You can choose to remove the Libraries web page for all users of the portal so that they will not have access to a personal document library. By default all users have access to personal libraries so they are able to order or re-order documents from their own document library. When libraries are turned off users can only order documents when they are uploaded.

If you choose to hide the Libraries web page this will affect all users of the specific Skyline portal. If a user signs in with Administrator or Host rights, the Library web page will always be visible.

To hide the Libraries web page:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Portals section click Portal Configuration.
3.Find Library - Allow User Libraries in the list.
If the option is set as True users will be able to see the Libraries web page.
The Libraries web page can be hidden by setting the option to False.
If you are signed in with Host or Administrator privileges, you will always see the Libraries web page, even if the option is set to false.
4.To amend this option click Icon-Pencil.
5.Click Icon-Save to save the setting.