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Errors when Uploading Documents

Errors when Uploading Documents

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Errors when Uploading Documents

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There can be a number of reasons why the upload process fails. If there is a problem you need to cancel the conversion and then correct the fault.

Firstly, check that the document can be opened by the user. If the document is password protected it can not be converted.

Error messages will show if there is a problem with the upload directory location or folder permissions. If there are no error messages check that the upload folder details are correct.

To check if the upload folder details are correct:

1.Log in to the Website with Host permissions. Click the Admin link.
2.Select Default Configuration.
3.View the option Upload - Directory.
4.Make sure that the location ends with a \. If the Upload folder details are correct check the stage of the conversion.


Possible errors during the upload process:

1.Documents come through as an error when the conversion starts i.e. the conversion stage Queued and Creating PDF have been completed and the when the Creating thumbnails stage starts there is an error.
2.If it takes a long time to upload documents you might need to reset the Skyline website.
3.There is an error when you upload a document.
4.If during a document upload the document is in the conversion queue a long time (longer than 5 minutes for a single A4 text document) there may be an error with the conversion process.