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Suspending Users

Suspending Users

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Suspending Users

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There may be occasions that you will need to suspend user accounts. When a user is suspended their account is disabled and marked as not approved. This means that they can no longer log into Skyline to place any new orders. Any orders that they have placed and that have been processed will still appear in any reports that are run.

If a user tries to log into Skyline when their account has been suspended they receive a message stating that "This User has been set as inactive. Please contact your administrator".


To suspend a selected user account:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Users section click Users.
3.All the users are listed. Click Icon-Pencilto edit the user that you want to suspend.
4.In the example Theresa Green was selected.
1.Select Not Approved Icon-NotApproved.
2.Click UpdateButton.
5.The selected user will be marked as Not Approved as indicated in the example.