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Deleting Products

Deleting Products

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Deleting Products

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Media types and printing options may change. There may be some products that have been created are no longer available and the product needs to be deleted. It could be that you only want to remove the product option from a specific portal but users of a different portal will still have the product option. In this case you would want to delete the product from a portal.

To remove a product completely:

1.Select Products > Manage Products from the menu bar.
2.The Manage Products window opens. Select the product you want to delete and click Delete.
3.You will receive a warning if the product is assigned to a portal. Click Yes to complete deleting the product from the whole system.


To remove a product from a Skyline portal:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Products section click Select Products.
3.A window opens showing all the products that are available to your portal users.
1.Select the product from the Available Products list.
2.Click Icon-ProductRemoveassociated with the product to remove it from the portal. The product will be available on any other portals that it has been assigned to.