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Setting DCOM Config Permission

Setting DCOM Config Permission

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Setting DCOM Config Permission

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The Neevia PDF Converter needs to talk to the software that the documents were originally created in. It uses a program called DCOMCNFG to communicate with the original software. Permissions need to be set for DCOMCNFG and each software program that files will be created in before being sent to the PDF Converter. The component services that are updated for Microsoft products are:

Microsoft PowerPoint Slide.
Microsoft Publisher Application.
Microsoft Word Document.
Microsoft Excel Application.

In the following example permissions are set for the software program Microsoft Word.

To set the DCOM Config permissions:

1.Open Administrative Tools and double click Component Services. Make sure that you are logged in with your usual administrator name and password.
2.Open the folder DCOM Config.
1.Select Component Services > Computers > My Computer > DCOM Config.
info If you get a DCOM Configuration Warning window open where you are asked if you want to record an item click Yes each time the warning appears.
3.Scroll down the list to the software program that the Neevia PDF Converter will use. In the example below Microsoft Word 97 has been selected.
1.Right mouse click the selected program and select Properties.
If you can not find the program you require listed close the window and click Start > Run > mmc comexp.msc /32. Then continue from step 2. The software programs should then be listed.
4.The Application Properties window opens. In the Security tab view check that the Permissions are all set as Use Default.
5.Repeat the procedure for each software program that NeeviaPDF will need to convert e.g Excel, PowerPoint etc.