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Changing Your Settings

Changing Your Settings

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Changing Your Settings

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You can change your email address or your Skyline password from within Skyline Cloud Printer.

InfoIf you log into Skyline Cloud Printer using your corporate user name and password you will not be able to change your password or email address. The options described below will not be visible. If your password has changed you will need to login when you next use Skyline Cloud Printer with the new password.

To change your settings:

1.Open Skyline Cloud Printer from the Start menu by clicking SkylinePrinterStart
2.Click Settings Settings-SkylinePrinter.
3.The Skyline Cloud Printer Settings window opens. Click Change Password or Email.
4.You will be asked if you are sure that you want to change your password or email address. Click Yes to Continue.
5.The preferences page of your skyline website will open. Change your password and/or email address as required.
6.When you next print from Skyline Cloud Printer you will need to login the first time with your new email address or password. Click Login or Register.
7.The New User Registration window opens.
1.Select Log in existing user.
2.Enter your user name and password.
3.Click Login.
8.Place your Skyline Print order in the usual way.



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