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Changing PrintStation Directory Security Settings

Changing PrintStation Directory Security Settings

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Changing PrintStation Directory Security Settings

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PrintStation requires full Read/Write access to the directory C:\Skyline\PrintStation & C:\ProgramData\ePrint Direct Ltd. If PrintStation cannot write to a required location then an error message is generated stating that 'Access to the path c:\ProgramData\ePrint Direct Ltd\Skyline\Xpaths.xml' is denied'.

The directory C:\Skyline\PrintStation is created automatically during the installation process..

To change the security settings:

1.Log in as a local administrator and open explorer.
2.The directory folders window opens.
1.Open the ProgramData folder.
2.Right-click the ePrint Direct Ltd folder.
3.Select Properties.
3.The ePrint Direct Ltd Properties window opens.
1.View the Security page.
2.Click Edit.
4.The Permissions for ePrint Direct Ltd window opens.
1.Click Add.
5.The Select Users, Computers, Service Accounts or Groups window opens.
1.Click Locations.
6.The Windows Security window opens.
1.Click Cancel. You only need access to the local machine not to the network
7.The Locations window opens.
1.Select your PC name at the top of the list.
2.Click OK.
8.You return to the Select Users or Groups window.
1.Type Everyone.
2.Click Check Names.Check that Everyone is now underlined. Click OK.
9.You are returned to the Permissions for ePrint Direct Ltd window.
1.Select the user group Everyone.
2. In the section Permissions for Everyone check the option Full Control. Click OK.
10.You are returned to the ePrint Direct Ltd Properties window. The user group Everyone should now have Full control. Click OK