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Associating a Portal with a Website

Associating a Portal with a Website

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Associating a Portal with a Website

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When you have created a portal you need to associate the portal with the Skyline website. When you type in a website address the IP Address for the website is requested from the DNS Server. When the website receives the IP Address it will contact the Skyline server and show you the correct website portal. You can have many portals associated with one Skyline website.


If a portal is not associated with a website you will see an error message when you enter the website details, as shown below.


infoNote: Before a portal can be added you need to associate the Skyline fixed IP address with the Portal URL in the DNS (Domain Name Server). This is usually done by your network administrators.
You can use the command nslookup to check to see if the portal URL has been mapped in the DNS.

To associate a Portal with a website:

1.Log in with Administrator rights and go to Admin.
2.In the Portals section click Portal URL's.
3.A list of associated websites is shown.
1.Enter the full URL of the website.
2.Click Add. The website will be added to the list.
4.Restart the website by entering the command IISRESET at the command prompt on the Skyline server.