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After you have installed Skyline, you will be able to upload a document, have it converted automatically to a high quality PDF, place an order to have it printed and download the order. However, Skyline is extremely configurable and the aims of this section is to take you through all the steps required to get Skyline to work for you.

Configuration should only be carried out after the base installation of Skyline has been completed. During Installation the following should have been installed and functionality tested.

Documents can be uploaded to each Skyline Portal.
(Optional) Documents can be uploaded using the Skyline Driver to each Skyline portal.
The shopping basket work-flow works; documents can be ordered on each Skyline portal.
Documents are being received by the Skyline PrintStations.
Documents can be viewed and printed from each Skyline PrintStation.
Skyline ProductManager connects to its requisite portal and functions correctly.

For the purposes of this document it is assumed you are logged in as a Skyline user with Administrator and Manager rights. The examples in this manual assume that all configuration changes will only be applied to one portal. It is possible to make configuration changes that affect all Skyline portals if logged in with Host rights.

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